Licensed & Insured

At Blade Cutters we offer a wide range of services to all of our customers.  Our employees are professional, courteous, and outfitted with uniforms and top notch equipment proudly serving the south side of Durham, Cary, Morrisville, & the west side of Raleigh.  

Our Services Include:

Lawn Maintenance
Keeping your lawn professionally maintained year round will keep it healthy and looking its best.   We offer mowing services which include lawn mowing, edging along driveways and/or sidewalks, and blowing away any debris.

Shrubbery Pruning
Pruning your shrubs not only leaves them looking beautiful and manicured, it also primes them for new growth and stronger roots.

Nothing adds more life to your landscaping like a fresh layer of mulch.  We can take care of all your mulching needs whether you prefer double or triple shredded hardwood mulch, designer mulch, pine nuggets, or pine straw.

For existing lawns that need overseeding to add new growth and thickness or for lawns that need some special attention all over or just in certain areas.

Help your lawn look beautiful by aerating your soil to ensure water and oxygen can reach the roots.

Flower Bed and Garden Maintenance
Keep your flower beds and gardens looking fresh and free of weeds.

Complete Lawn/Landscape Care:  Looking for a way to bundle the services you need while not breaking the bank?  Look no further!  With our Complete Lawn & Landscape Care package you can have it all!  You can relax knowing that your lawn & landscape are being taken care of, all for the same monthly payment.

 New Services:

Home Maintenance Service:

* Complete Deck Restoration
* Gutter Cleaning
*Pressure Washing

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